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No Cost, No Obligation First Consultation

LPM Services

Other Professional Services

and Fees

Initial Consultation
No Charge for first hour, $200/hour thereafter

Patent Management Services, (e.g., response review, portfolio management, inventor interviews, patentability analyses, freedom to operate analyses, strategic planning, coordination with outside counsel


$1200/day, minimum 5 days per month

$1000/day, minimum 2 days per month

Outside law firms (including foreign associates) set their own rates
Searching and Analysis of Prior Art for any of the following:
-general landscape
-competitor landscape
$200/hour; up to 3 hours credited toward preparation and application filing costs, if client so elects.
Provisional US application: preparation and filing
$4000-$6000 flat rate, depending upon complexity
USPTO Filing Fees
Regular Non-provisional US Utility application:
Preparation and filing.
$6000-$12000 flat rate, depending on complexity;50% discount if provisional has been prepared
USPTO Filing Fees
Drawing preparation as required
10% of fees charged by outside services
Outside patent drawing services used if agreed upon by client; fees vary and usually charged per drawing

Patent Prosecution (e.g., draft and file responses and amendments to USPTO)

Emergency actions on any of the above

Less than 2 weeks lead time: $150% of normal fees

Less than 1 week lead time 200% of normal fees

USPTO Fees, late fees for extensions of time may apply
Travel Expenses, as required
Actual Expenses, usual and customary
Outside law firms charges, if any

Fee Schedule

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