No Cost, No Obligation First Consultation

Ladner Patent Management LLC

Whether you are just starting to think about patenting your inventions or have already amassed an impressive patent portfolio, Ladner Patent Management can ease the burdens and provide cost effective assistance.  My area of expertise is restricted to the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology fields. 

If this is the field of your particular business or intellectual property, examples of services I can provide include:

-Evaluate your invention(s) for patentability and do preliminary searches and analysis of the prior art; i.e., provide a survey of the patent "landscape".

-Prepare applications for filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), including Provisional and Non-Provisional applications.

-Coordinate with your outside counsel (if you have any) to manage existing applications to ensure adequate patent coverage and optimize expenditures of your IP budget.

-Consult with your inventors and research staff to review potential inventions, provide basic patent training, and recommend best IP practices.

-Provide periodic summary reviews to your management, identifying upcoming IP decisions of significant impact to your budget and long range business goals.

-Coordinate patent prosecution and patent maintenance done with collaborators, licensors and licensees.

-Provide IP due diligence for potential in-licensing opportunities.

-Prepare portfolios for review by potential collaborators and licensors of your inventions.

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